Focus on growing your business. We'll take care of the bookkeeping.

You’re a busy small to medium-sized business owner and every hour spent bookkeeping is an hour you don’t have for building a successful business. We give you your time back with full-cycle bookkeeping on a flexible schedule. We’re bookkeepers for the busy.

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Why hire a bookkeeper?

Peace of Mind

Are you missing important family events? Up late at night doing your bookkeeping? Don’t know your company cash-flow or if you’re even turning a profit? Are you months or years behind? Our professional bookkeepers free your mind from the routines of bookkeeping, giving you the comfort that your bookkeeping is accurate and important filings and are always on-time. 

Reduce Stress

Nobody likes missing important deadlines or not knowing how much money you have. There’s revenue-generating work to be done and You don’t have time during your busy day to be your own bookkeeper! Our bookkeeping processes make sure your bookkeeping is always on time and you have the financial information you need to make timely and responsive business decisions.

Grow Your Business

Let’s be frank. Bookkeeping is a time-consuming activity! Who has time to do their bookkeeping after a full day’s work? Every hour you spend doing your own bookkeeping is an hour you can’t spend on your business. Our bookkeepers ensure accurate, efficient, and professional bookkeeping so you can focus on what you do best.

Improved Organization

Do you have receipts filling shoeboxes under your bed or in the back of your work truck? You don’t have time to do anything other than buy the supplies you need to get the job done. Our detail oriented bookkeepers help you establish a system of organization and collection using cloud technology to make your bookkeeping dead simple. 

Every business has one-of-a-kind challenges. Discover how our bookkeepers give you peace of mind with a free consultation.

Bookkeeping for the busy.

First Choice Bookkeeping provides accurate bookkeeping services in Grande Prairie for small to medium-size businesses who need to focus on work that generates revenue. Our schedule-flexible team aims to give you all the time you need to keep generating and growing revenue by getting bookkeeping out the way.

Full-Cycle Bookkeeping

Invoicing, paying bills, account reconciliation, and payroll, we’ll keep a close eye on and manage the day-to-day financial health of your business so you don’t have to.

Financial Reporting

We ensure you know the financial health of your business so you can make decisions with up-to-date accurate statements.

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Flexible & Modern Workflows

Do you work 9 to 5? Are you in a field position? Need to meet earlier or later in the day on a web-video chat? No problem. Our bookkeepers work on your schedule.

The Stress-Free Peace of Mind you Want, on Your Schedule.
Our accurate, efficient, affordable bookkeepers are ready to help grow your business.